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Physical Cleaning



Parts & Labor
Recommended every 6 Months!

Some symptoms of a dirty fan are: Fan constantly running more and more often, Very Slow Proformance, Overheating, Shutting down. Routine Cleanings will double the life of your computer.

Whats Included? We will completly disassemble your entire computer clean out all dust, remove old thermal compound and apply Arctic 5 Thermal Compound to ensure that your computer stays Cool, Fast and, Extends life of your computer!

PC Tune Up

(Recommended for Best Value!)


Optimize startup and shutdown, install Windows updates, improve menu navigation, cleanup quick launch and taskbar and create program shortcuts. d
Enable security functions including antiphishing and pop-up blocking activation in Internet Explorer. d
Removal of unwanted programs and trialware. d
Creation of desired user accounts (if applicable). d
Test and verify PC hardware and software functionality. d
Diagnose performance problems and recommend the best options, cost will vary based on the options you choose. d
Remove dust from inside the computer including fans and components
(Physical Cleaning Included!) - $29.99 Value
Clean the PC case exterior d


Does the tune-up include anti-virus software?

Unfortunately not, but Microsoft have a virus protection service that you can download and install for free!

Can your techs remove unwanted programs?
Yes, we can get rid of any programs you don’t want.

Will the tune-up increase my computer’s speed?
Yes, but the level of increase will vary from computer to computer.







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