Home Networking

With a secure home network you can 

  • Surf the web from your couch
  • Stream movies to your television
  • Stream music to your stereo
  • Game online with friends
  • Print documents from another room
  • Read emails on your phone


    Will my neighbors be able to get on my network?
    No. We’ll help you setup a secure network, not even we could hack into. Although, if you like your neighbors, we’ll set you up with a password that you can give to whoever you choose.

    Will I be able to get files from one computer to a different computer?
    Heck yes, if you have music on an upstairs computer and you’re lounging downstairs, you can access it without leaving the room.

    How do I make sure my computer doesn’t get hacked?
    Don’t do it alone. We’ll configure a firewall that’ll keep you sleeping sound at night.

    Do I need high-speed internet set up before Troy's PC Repair® installs a home network?
    Yes, contact your internet provider prior to making your appointment with us.

    Will my WiFi work outside of my house?
    Yes, most have a range of a few hundred feet. You can access it from your deck, patio or tree house.

    Dont Be A Victim of Internet Theft!

    Experiencing Slow Internet? This may be why!





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